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Longevity Database and Dobermann related information

This Website and Database is dedicated to those volunteers who gave their time and effort to build a reliable source of information for the Dobermann Community. Without everyone’s help, this would never have been possible.

Longevity Database

The Longevity Database contains a large number of Dobermann records (356 766  22.1.2018) from all over the world linked to various breeder/owner risk assessment tools such as COI, AVK, Blood Quota, Pedigree, Genetic Pedigree etc.

A basic set of facilities are available to the public. Full range of breeder/owner tools such as virtual matings are available to registered members. As a registered member you can comment on each Dobermann with corrections/additions, add missing dogs/litters and keep the Database up to date and accurate as possible.

Database additions

  • Your dogs – In this section you are able to add single dogs or full litters to the database. After editor approval submitted information is available in all breeder tools and can be reviewed

Individual dog profiles

  • New Test Result – In this section you are able to submit all health related results from vWD to Cardiac examinations into dogs individual profile page
  • Submit Comment – This section is for other additional information such as Show and Working Titles
  • Found a mistake – For sending corrections

All information is gathered and restored to provide information of the Dobermann population and further, detailed individual information of a single dog for the use of the whole Dobermann community and future generations.



If you wish to take part in the development of this website, contact us via dwcstorage@gmail.com