History of the Doberman Longevity Database

Every project starts with a single idea..
The Doberman Community cares about their breed and though there are many pedigree databases that try to help with owners and breeders, there were none that captured Longevity, detailed health testing results and dates of death.  The databases did not provide Breeders with the tools needed to do real comprehensive research.  We needed a better database that would help the Breeders and Owners help the breed.

The true beginning of this database was started with a small Romanian Database and program generously shared on different forums almost ten years ago which contained 55,000 pedigrees. These original pedigrees were entered into the database by a lot of volunteers, but a huge acknowledgment must go to a German Dobermann lover known only by the user name of “Maia”. We here at DWC who are continuing on as care takers of all the collected pedigrees are honored to acknowledge the receipt of this original Romanian gift as the foundation for what you see today in the DWC Longevity Database .

The original software has been completely re-written and re-formatted, pedigree errors have been corrected and new features added.  New breeder tools have been added to provide the most accurate statistical information using the pedigrees and health information all in one location. Today, the present Database is the biggest available for the Dobermann breed.

All information has been entered manually from many different sources by numerous volunteers from all over the world.  Volunteers sourced the data entered from private studbook collections, online registries and archives and many different public sources both printed and online. For the older pedigrees one of the major sources have been the studbook collection gathered and published by Hannu Asumaa (†1955-2015), long term chairman of the Finnish Dobermann Club and it’s breeding committee.  Volunteers also used the AKC Stud Book Archives, Published Books on Champions as well as online databases and several internet forums.

The sole purpose of the information gathered is to provide information from the past and present to meet our original goal, to provide the Doberman Community with a valuable historical resource, providing the much needed Breeder Tools to research Health and Longevity.


DWC team