Ongoing Dobermann Health related projects from all over the world

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Dobermann Pinscher Health Foundation

The mission of the Foundation is to advance Doberman Pinscher health research and related initiatives, toward the discovery, practical application, and communication of scientific knowledge that successfully addresses the genetic diseases of the Doberman Pinscher. We are also dedicated to the.. Read more


Genetic Diversity Testing for Doberman Pinchers by US Davis

The Veterinary Genetics Laboratory (VGL), in collaboration with Dr. Niels C. Pedersen and staff, has developed a panel of short tandem repeat (STR) markers that will determine genetic diversity across the genome and in the Dog Leukocyte Antigen (DLA) class I and II regions. This test panel will be useful to breeders who wish to track and increase genetic diversity of their breed as a long term goal.

Genetic diversity testing of Doberman Pinschers is now in the preliminary results phase. During this phase… Read more


Dobermann Diversity Project

The Doberman Diversity ProjectTM is a global citizen-science effort aimed at helping Breeders improve the health and longevity of the breed by facilitating affordable access to cutting-edge, high-resolution DNA testing and
free online breeding tools created specifically for the Doberman.

We make it possible for Doberman breeders and owners to access a package of advanced genetic test results… Read more


The DPCA Longevity Program

Any Doberman Pinscher of an allowed color and not Z factored who has lived to age 10 or greater, or has parents who have lived to age 10 or greater, is eligible for this program. The Doberman Pinscher must be registered with the official breed registry of its country. This includes, for example the AKC (American Kennel Club)… Read More



UK Dobermann Partnership Biomarker Project

The research phase of the UKDP/Kennel Club Charitable Trust biomarker project is now complete, with 105 dogs fully tested (biomarkers, echo and Holter); 77 as part of the cardiac biomarker project, the others as clinical cases. An additional 25 dogs had one or more repeat tests. Many thanks to all who participated.

The data are now being analysed… Read more



Dobermann Club De France, La Cardiomyopathie Dilatee

Le laboratoire OCR en collaboration avec ONCOVET propose un dépistage gratuit de la CMD dans le cadre d’une étude vétérinaire. Le DCF se tient informé en permanence des dernières recherches et.. Read more



Dobermannien DCM geenitutkimus

Helsingin yliopistossa on aloitettu tutkimus dobermanneilla esiintyvästä dilatoivasta kardiomyopatiasta (DCM) yhdessä kotimaisten ja ulkomaisten yhteistyökumppanien kanssa. Projektissa selvitetään sairauden kliinisiä ja perinnöllisiä piirteitä ja tavoitteena on löytää DCM:n liittyvä riskigeeni(t). Tutkimuksesta vastaa.. Read more


Idiopathic Head tremor, Lohen tutkimusryhmä

Cases of idiopathic episodic head tremor have been reported is some dog breeds, such as Dobermans and English Bulldogs.

The affected dogs present with either vertical or horizontal head movements. There is a lot of variation in the duration and frequency of occurrence of the episodes, but they typically last for a few minutes and occur a couple of times per day. Consciousness is not impaired during a head tremor episode, and there are no other alterations..



Headbobbing in the Dobermann Pincher, University of Bern

Head bobbing is characterized by episodes of head shaking or head trembling. Dobermann Pinschers but also other breeds such as Boxers, French, and English Bulldogs may become affected. Head bobbing is a benign condition, which does not require any specific treatment. The time span between episodes of head shaking may last days or even months. The cause of head bobbing in the Dobermann Pinscher has not yet beed elucidated. However, head bobbing..